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Senior Care Manager

Evaluating, arranging for and monitoring hired caregivers.

Coordinating medical appointments and arranging transportation.

Identifying services and programs that could help the client. Place referrals.

Making referrals to financial, legal, and medical professionals and suggesting ways to avert problems.

Explaining complex or difficult topics to client and their family.

Creating short- and long-term care plans.


Evaluate appropriate living location include assisted living or a rehab center.

Acting as a liaison to family who may be hundreds of miles away.

Answering questions and addressing emotional concerns of caregivers and their loved ones.

Arranging for relief or respite care for strained caregivers.

Assisting in IT support for phone, computer, and TV. 

Conference calls for family groups including video options and group email communications. 

End-of-Life Doula

White Lillies


When the dying person is in the last days of life – the time often referred to as the “vigil” or “active dying phase”, we will attend to them and those around them in ways that reflect their wishes. Our primary focus at this stage is maintaining and advocating for the spirit of a plan they had worked out beforehand during the vigil planning. We will review the choices and options available with those involved as the vigil begins. We can use sounds, readings, comfort touch, guided imagery, and ritual to deepen the sense of meaning and bring greater comfort to everyone involved. We may assist in the physical care, such as assisting in repositioning, adjusting or changing bedding, providing basic oral care, and offering general comfort care.  If it is desired, 24/7 support can usually be arranged during this period.

Candles & Plants

Vigil Planning

We assist in the completion and review of Advanced Directive documents. If one is needed, we provide the 'Five Wishes' document. This document is a living will that talks about your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as medical wishes.

We discuss a suitable location for final days,  provide spiritual and emotional support. Comforting Transitions understands that planning for an end-of-life vigil can be difficult and emotionally overwhelming. That is why we offer comprehensive vigil planning. We discuss finding a suitable location, and providing spiritual and emotional support. We provide guidance and support every step of the way, and will make sure your vigil is a beautiful and memorable one that is desired.

Family Photo Album

Legacy Project

Create a lasting legacy with Comforting Transition’s Legacy Projects. With this service, you can capture and preserve your life’s story for generations to come. Our compassionate team will help you create a meaningful keepsake that will provide solace and inspiration to your loved ones for years to come. Legacy Projects can be started at anytime, do not delay to share these lasting memories. Some examples include; favorite recipes, photo books, poetry, letters, or video recordings on life reflection.

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