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Video Testimonals 

Hear directly from my clients as they share their heartfelt experiences and stories while being handled with care.

These testimonials paint a vivid picture of what sets my personal care apart from others. Discover the peace of mind and sense of belonging that my clients enjoy every day, and let their words guide you in making the best choice for your loved one's future.


Mary's three children live out of state and reached out to me about a more personal approach for her care. I have enjoyed every minute with Mary and applying my  unique care in her own home.

"I met Kim she's a good girl! Very happy and convenient."

"She's a complete overall of me."

Emily and Cindy 

Emily's father and Cindy's husband was put on hospice and reached out to help them through their process of what was to come.

" I was so grateful when Kim showed up. I felt like she really took charge!"

"She was ready with the right resources, and attentive to my husband's every need."


Heidi, an Estate Planning and Elderly Law Attorney,  was looking for resources to use in her Law Firm, Dodd and Wambold. When clients come in, they can refer them to my company to age in place.

"Kim is really there to help those families and hold their hand."

"A neutral third party, like Kim, who is kind, funny, loving, and outgoing she can be that person and step in for the kids!"

Nila and David

Nila's mother Hazel, was on the last stages of her life. Nila and David reached out to me for comfort and support to help Hazel have a peaceful passing. 

"Kim has the experience to know what needed to be done."

"Kim walked us through all the medications, when to give them, what time of day to give them, and how to give them. Took a great weight off of our shoulders."

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